What Makes Us Different From the Rest?

We are Kenyan owned and operated.

We are local and that matters in Africa. We are on the ground with you 24/7 taking care of the littlest details as a matter of course. We have contacts, experience and relationships that ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment is top of mind always. Throw us a curveball and we will hit it out of the park!

We do one thing. Really well.

We are not a “jack of all trades” Safari company. We don’t claim to be experts in multiple countries and somehow personally visit hundreds of lodges and tent camps to build you a safari. We have hand crafted our safari itineraries based on the very best experiences that Kenya has to offer. We know because we live here.

We support our country.

We stay at locally owned lodges and tent camps, not corporate chains. All our guides are Kenyan, professionally trained and have been part of the Believe family from inception. We don’t just donate to local causes, we take you there to meet the people doing amazing community work. We are proud to show you our country and share with you experiences you will never find with other safari operators.

You get the full picture.

Yes, you’ll see animals and majestic wilderness, but you’ll also see our villages and our cities. You’ll see the differences in cultures and tribes. You’ll learn about our history and politics. You’ll chat with locals. We provide you with a comprehensive authentic experience of Kenya and you will return home with a much broader perspective.

Have you been dreaming of going on safari?

Let us help you take that next step. Just take a moment to reach out to us. We would be delighted to tell you more about ourselves and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us so we can share our excitement with you!